Monday, March 29, 2021

How to check the period of dongle (USB)

How to check the period of dongle (USB)

If the encryption dog has time limit (called clock dog or clock lock), the general software will have time prompt, or it can be checked in the software; and the clock dog (clock lock) is divided into hard real clock and soft clock. The hard real clock is that the encryption dog has battery power supply, and the software can not be applied without the battery; and the soft clock is set through the software, and there is no battery in the lock. The battery of the hard real clock can be used for three years at most, and it's hard to say about the soft clock (it depends on how the software manufacturer sets it). So I suggest you don't buy it with time limit, because it's second-hand after all. In case you just buy it and the time is due, there's no service guarantee. It's too late to regret~

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