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Saturday, March 27, 2021

How to use a dongle?

How to use a dongle?

There are two types of dongles

1. Encrypt and protect your own software: use the development kit and operation documents provided by the dongle to encrypt your own software. Of course, the dongle supplier will provide technical support. The general dongle must be simple and convenient to use.

2. Using the software of the generation of dongle, you can use it automatically. When you install the software, you will install the corresponding dongle driver into the computer. Note that it is better to insert the dongle after installing the driver. You can use the software almost regardless of it.

Encryption lock is a kind of encryption product which is inserted in the parallel port of computer and combines software and hardware (the new encryption lock also has USB port). Generally, there are dozens or hundreds of bytes of nonvolatile storage space for reading and writing. Now the new dog (encryption lock) also contains a single chip microcomputer. Software developers can check whether the encryption lock is inserted in the interface by exchanging data between the interface function and the encryption lock (that is, reading and writing the encryption lock), or directly encrypt their own exe files (commonly known as "shell") with the tools attached to the encryption lock. In this way, the software developer can set multiple software locks in the software, and use the encryption lock as the key to open these locks; if the encryption lock is not inserted or the encryption lock does not correspond, the software will not run normally.

Encryption lock is an intelligent tool with software protection function for software developers. It includes a set of hardware installed on the parallel port or USB port of computer, and a set of interface software and tool software suitable for various languages. Encryption lock is based on hardware protection technology, and its purpose is to prevent the illegal use of intellectual property through the protection of software and data.

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