Friday, March 19, 2021

The principle of dongle

 The principle of dongle

The principle of protection is that software developers often check the cell in the dongle in the program and compare the return value. This check can be to directly read the cell or use some internal algorithm (the cell is protected and cannot be read directly) . Although any qualified hardware engineer can easily analyze how the dongle is implemented, it is actually not so troublesome. The weakest link of dongle protection is that the application must access the dongle through the function library provided by the dongle manufacturer. The connection between the application and these functions is usually very weak, because no matter how these functions access the dongle, the software developer only checks whether the return value of the function indicates success or failure, so as long as the patch is applied to all functions The return is successful, and these functions are usually not many. It is easy to find the definitions of these functions (parameters and return values) from the API manual provided by the manufacturer. Generally speaking, dongle decryption does not require the original genuine dog.

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