Tuesday, March 16, 2021

What does network technology mean

What does network technology mean

Research on the general rules of the network and the technology of calculation methods. Also known as the overall planning method. Network technology is a technology that organically organizes a task's related activities into a whole in the form of a network diagram, and obtains the optimal effect through analysis and calculation. It is an effective method for compiling engineering speed plans and implementing scientific management of the plans. The foundation of network technology is network diagram. The basic method is to first compile the network diagram, and then use the network diagram to optimize the project plan. The network diagram is composed of four parts: process (arrow), node (circle), route, time parameter and time coordinate. The process refers to the process procedures such as material preparation in the project; the node is a symbol that represents the beginning, the end of the project or the boundary of the process, usually indicated by a digital number inside the circle, such as ①②, etc.; the line is the process connected in sequence or logical relationship The organized roads are usually represented by double solid lines or thick solid lines; time parameters are divided into two types: working hours and node parameters. The former refers to the time it takes for the process from start to completion, and is generally marked with numbers below the process; node parameters include Nodes, early days and late days, early days refer to the earliest possible start time. Sectional delay refers to the latest time that work must be started; the time coordinate is divided into the cumulative date coordinate and the calendar date coordinate, and is generally placed above or below the network diagram.

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