Sunday, March 21, 2021

What is the concept of 6g network

What is the concept of 6g network

1. Although 5G networks have not yet begun to be officially commercialized, research on 6G networks has begun; 6G is the sixth-generation mobile communication standard, and its biggest role will be to promote the development of the Internet of Things. It is expected to be the fastest download in theory. The speed can reach 1TB per second, and it is expected to be put into commercial use in 2030;

2. The same as the previous iterations of mobile communication standards, 6G will also be faster and have lower latency than 5G. 6G networks are likely to expand from millimeter wave frequency bands to terahertz wave frequency bands, and it is expected to be able to achieve water With the coverage of the lower signal, the peak speed of 6G is expected to reach 100Gbps in the future;

  3. In addition, 6G will also cover more fields other than communications, and allow more fields of technology to join, forming a large technical integration;

   Obviously, the current 6G network is just a rudiment, and there is no relevant technical standard and architecture. The above is a related introduction to the concept of 6g network. I hope the above introduction can help you.

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