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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

What is net, what are the advantages and disadvantages of net

 What is net, what are the advantages and disadvantages of net

NET is Microsoft's technology used to implement XML, Web Services, SOA (service-oriented architecture) and agility. .NET is Microsoft's new generation technology platform, which builds interconnected application systems for agile business. These systems are standards-based, interconnected, adaptable, stable and high-performance. From a technical point of view, a .NET application is an application running on the .NET Framework. (To be more precise, a .NET application is an application written using the .NET Framework class library and running on the Common Language Runtime.) If an application has nothing to do with the .NET Framework, it is It cannot be called a .NET program. For example, just using XML is not a .NET application, and just using the SOAP SDK to call a Web Service is not a .NET application.

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