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Friday, March 26, 2021

What is the reason for the instability of the network

What is the reason for the instability of the network

The reasons for network instability are as follows:

1. Server problems

First of all, network service providers, such as users of telecommunications, if the network of service operators is unstable, then how to set it is useless. So make sure the server is stable first. Of course, the server of the website also includes it. For some websites, its server is foreign, and its own speed is very slow. Even if its own network speed is fast, it is also very slow to open this webpage.

2. Cable failure

Then there is the network cable when connecting to the Internet. If you used to use the telephone line to connect to the network before. Then, compared with the later optical fiber, it's a small house to a big house. So it's normal that the network speed is unstable. Network cable problems also include that the t568a / b wiring standard is not used in wiring. The twisted pair of t568a has four wires, including 1 and 2. It is used for sending, so it must be connected with a winding pair. There are also two wires 3 and 6. They are the wires to receive information, so they must be connected to a winding pair. In order to ensure the normal transmission of data. If the standard wiring is not used, the network speed will be unstable. So wiring is also very critical.

3. Router settings

Now it's the router and the cat. Of course, as long as the line is connected normally, the interface is not loose, and there is no bad contact, and then the router is set well, the router fault can be eliminated. It is recommended to restore the router to its original state and let the router rest. Restart the router. Then check the DNS and IP address when set correctly.

4. Network card failure

And then there's the hardware. Check whether it is the problem of network card. The network card used by the user is usually PCI network card or on-board network card. When you choose the one with better quality, otherwise it may cause poor quality of Internet access. Then plug the network card socket again. If there are other electrical appliances next to the computer interfering with the network, keep a certain distance from these electrical appliances, such as air conditioner, refrigerator, TV and so on. Network card also includes network card driver, so you can check whether there are abnormal conditions in [right click my computer - Device Manager - network adapter]. Then it can be installed normally. As shown in the figure:

5. The existence of loops on the network is also one of the reasons for the slow speed of the network. Because in the network with some more complex network, the node is more, such as in Internet cafes, office, it is connected to a lot of lines. All this will inadvertently create a circuit in the face. In order to avoid this situation, it is required to form a good habit when laying the network cable: the network cable should be clearly labeled, and the place with spare line should be recorded. When this kind of fault is suspected, the method of partition and subsection is generally adopted.

6. A bottleneck is formed in a certain port of the network, which leads to the slow speed of the network.

This is the case when routers and switches are used to connect the network, and then router WAN port and LAN port, switch port, hub port and server network card may become network bottlenecks. Of course, when this happens, you can use some software to check the data traffic of routers and switches, and then use netstat to check and count the data traffic of ports, to check and confirm the specific location of the data bottleneck, and then increase the bandwidth to solve the port bottleneck fault.

7. The computer has been infected by worms

Now is whether the computer is infected with virus. If it is infected with virus, there will be a large number of programs running in the background, occupying a large amount of network speed. The reason why the network is abnormal is here. There are also some worms that have a great impact on the network speed. The worm virus will keep sending e-mail to the outside world, which will cause the server to be busy, and the LAN will be paralyzed in case of verification. All of the computer must regularly check and kill viruses and some Trojans, so as to maintain the normal network speed will not be disturbed.

8. Insufficient system resources

There are too many programs open on the computer, causing abnormal system resources. The solution to the local situation is simple. Is to close some rarely used processes and boot procedures can be. When viewing, there is an unknown process running in the background, and you can finish it. Click [start run], enter [msconfig] in the run box to confirm, and then disable some startup programs. As shown in the figure:

9. The level of firewall is high

The user has opened too many firewalls, and the firewall level set is too high. Turn on 360, windows and Jinshan firewall. This will bring down the network speed. All suggestions are to open one. Of course, if the level of the firewall is higher, the network speed will be affected. It is recommended to turn off or minimize the level of firewall.

10. Finally, if the line and router settings are normal, please re install the computer system

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