Tuesday, March 16, 2021

What technologies are included in network technology

 What technologies are included in network technology

The key technologies of the network include network nodes, broadband network systems, resource management and task scheduling tools, and application layer visualization tools.
Network nodes are providers of network computing resources, including high-end servers, cluster systems, MPP systems, large storage devices, and databases. Broadband network system is a necessary means to provide high-performance communication in the network computing environment. Resource management and task scheduling tools are used to solve key issues such as resource description, organization and management. The task scheduling tool dynamically schedules the tasks in the system according to the current system load, and improves the operating efficiency of the system. Network computing is mainly scientific computing, which is often accompanied by massive amounts of data. If the calculation results are converted into intuitive graphical information, it can help researchers get rid of the difficulty of understanding the data. This requires the development of visualization tools that can be transmitted and read in network computing and provide a user-friendly interface.

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