Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What to do if the dongle with the dongle file is broken

What to do if the dongle with the dongle file is broken

Did the dongle fall or the computer and the dongle fell together and broke the dongle? The dongle is generally not broken. However, if you are sure that the dongle is broken. Then there is no way, I guess I can only buy a new one. 500 repair dongle Oh, it's impossible. They shouldn't be able to rest either, they feel like they can only change to a new one. For the sake of confidentiality, they will not tell you the internals of the dongle. So they asked for 500 yuan to tune a new dog, and they took a lot of detours. If the software costs more than 500 yuan, then buy a new one, otherwise you will wait a long time and you may not get it right. If the software is worth thousands of dollars, it can only wait for them to go through the process. Attachment: How to test the quality of the dongle: If you are not sure whether the dongle is good or bad, install the encryption software again and plug in the dog to see if the light is on. If you can find dogdriver in the installation disk, just install the driver and then plug in the dog. Good luck to you

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