Saturday, March 6, 2021

WiFi Map: Quickly find 2 million free sharing WiFi hotspots around the world, making it more convenient to connect to the Internet temporarily

 When you go out and receive poor reception, you often can’t access the Internet. At this time, you can only ask about the password to borrow the WiFi account. Now I recommend an app "WiFi Map" for everyone. By gathering the power of everyone’s sharing, the known ones are free of charge. The WiFi access bar is listed on the map, allowing you to get the WiFi account and secret information closest to you. Even if you cannot use 3G or 4G Internet services, you can also use the free WiFi shared by everyone without paying any fees! There are currently 2 million free WiFi hotspots in the "WiFi Map" to share information, so let's see how to use it!


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