Monday, April 5, 2021

How to add a dongle to software?

How to add a dongle to software?

First move: command method

Step 1: press the "Win + R" key combination to open the "run" dialog box, enter "CMD" to open the command prompt window. Then enter "MD G:: JM.." and press enter to create a new folder named "JM." on disk g (enter the corresponding directory according to your actual situation). This folder is the one we will use to store hidden files.

Step 2: enter the "run" dialog box again, input the new encrypted folder "G:: \" above, and press enter to open the folder. Next, just put the file you want to hide in this folder to complete the hiding of the file.

Now, no one, including yourself, can directly open this folder by double clicking it. After double clicking, you will only get an error prompt box. When you want to open a folder, you can open it by entering the path of the folder in the run dialog box. If you want to delete this folder, just delete all of its contents, and then go back to the command prompt window and run "Rd G: / / JM..".

Second move: parasitism

If you have an important file that needs to be hidden and disguised as a song that can be played by double clicking, it's not good to bypass other people's eyes and doubts!

Step 1: create a new folder and copy the files to be hidden to this folder. Next, find a song file (such as "auspicious three treasures") and copy it to this folder.

Step 2: in Explorer, relocate to the folder where the hidden files are stored, and press "F2" to rename it. The naming rules are: song name +. {00020c01-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}, for example, "auspicious three treasures. {00020c01-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}". Right click the mouse to refresh the current screen, the folder will automatically become the icon of a song, and double-click it will automatically start the player to play it. When you want to open the file, just right-click the song icon and choose the "open" command.

Finally, put the renamed folder (which has become a song) into the song folder. No one is likely to find the file you want to hide, but you should remember it clearly to prevent yourself from forgetting even after a long time.

Tip: the above string of numbers and symbols need to be input in English input method, otherwise it will not succeed

Ha ha, try it!

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