Tuesday, April 27, 2021

What is network technology

What is network technology

Network technology is a new technology developed from the mid-1990s. It integrates the scattered resources on the Internet into an organic whole, realizes the comprehensive sharing and organic cooperation of resources, and enables people to use the overall ability of resources transparently and obtain information on demand. Resources include high performance computers, storage resources, data resources, information resources, knowledge resources, expert resources, large databases, networks, sensors, etc. The current Internet is only limited to information sharing, and the network is considered to be the third stage of Internet development. Network can construct regional network, enterprise internal network, LAN network, even home network and personal network.

The rich information resources and human feelings close to life make the non professional family users not only apply freely, but also feast their eyes, and even make use of it to add icing on the cake to their work, study and life, so as to truly achieve "staying at home, being able to accomplish everything in the world, and being a smart contemporary".

The magical function of the network attracts more and more users to join it. Because of this, the bearing capacity of the network is also facing a more and more severe test - from the hardware, software, standards used

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