Saturday, April 24, 2021

What is the use of a dongle!

What is the use of a dongle!

1. If it is a front-end dongle, the front-end user should download the dongle driver at the front desk "download dongle driver". After the installation is complete, click "bind dongle" in the "security settings" after logging in, so that the front desk client must use the dongle every time they log in.
If it is a background dongle, the background customer should contact the company's customer service staff. They will send you the driver to install and set the binding in the system before you can use it. You must also use the dongle every time you log in.
2. Plug the dongle into the USB port of the computer, and then log in. When you log in to the front or background of the system, you must unplug the dongle immediately. The dongle's operation is only used for verification when you log in. After logging in, it will not repeat the job. After entering the system, you must safely exit the platform in time and log in correctly next time.
3. If you do not unplug the dongle in time, illegal personnel can still use improper means to enter your system and remotely control your machine. In fact, your dongle is useless.
4. Don't lend it to others for use. If you lose it accidentally, cancel the dongle binding in the background as soon as possible, and the lost dongle can no longer be used.

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