Monday, April 12, 2021

What should I do if the dongle is lost?

What should I do if the dongle is lost?

The dongle is a USB hardware that looks like a U disk, which is added by software vendors to protect the copyright of the software, prevent the software from being copied and spread at will, and damage the sales interests. It is generally a plug and unplug device. If the dongle is lost, you can only ask the software vendor to ask if you can reissue one, but the software vendor can’t tell if you really lost it, and may not be willing to give it to you, and the dongle also has a certain cost. It ranges from ten to several hundred, so businesses will definitely be reluctant to make up for you for free, and will charge a certain fee. But it's no wonder the merchant that you lost it yourself, you can only admit to yourself.

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