Friday, April 30, 2021

What technologies does network communication technology include

What technologies does network communication technology include

1. Network communication technology work refers to the technical activity of fully sharing information resources by using computer and communication equipment to collect, store, process and transmit data in the form of graphics and text within the scope of professional technology by personnel with computer and network communication equipment. For example, network management personnel working in Telecom also belong to network communication technical personnel.

2. There are many professional divisions. Each major has its important work focus and direction. In practice, network communication technology is only a branch of network technology.

3. Network communication technology is the combination of communication technology and computer technology. Computer network is a collection of scattered and independent computers connected to each other according to network protocol. The connecting medium can be cable, twisted pair, optical fiber, microwave, carrier or communication satellite. Computer network has the function of sharing hardware, software and data resources, and has the ability of centralized processing, management and maintenance of shared data resources.

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