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Friday, April 16, 2021

What's the difference between dongle and registration code in industry software?

What's the difference between dongle and registration code in industry software?

One is the hardware, which needs to be plugged into the USB port or parallel port of the computer (the parallel port dog has basically disappeared with the disappearance of this interface). The software communicates with it by calling the interface function of the encryption dog, and achieves the purpose of encrypting the software by checking the internal data or algorithm. Its advantage is that it will not limit the computer in which the software runs, and the computer to which the dog is plugged can be used Using the encrypted software (in principle, unless the system or hardware of the computer is not supported by the software, such as 64 bit can not run on 32 bit), the disadvantage is that the cost is high (of course, now there are encryption dogs that are cheap to a few yuan), and they are easy to lose. Maybe they will be treated as a U disk (or as a bad U disk).

The other is software means, which can get the computer hardware information (such as MAC value of network card, serial number of hard disk, serial number of CPU, serial number of BIOS, etc.) when the encrypted software is running, and then carry out a section of registration code operation code (i.e. registration algorithm), get a corresponding registration code and save it in the current registry or a specified file( When the software runs again, it checks the registration code to determine whether to perform some restricted functions.

It has the advantages of low cost and convenient control, but if the user has hardware change events (such as hard disk failure, network card burning), he has to contact the software supplier again.

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