Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Where is the dongle file generally located in the computer program

Where is the dongle file generally located in the computer program

There is a dongle on the numerical control equipment of our factory. I can’t decrypt it if I have a password now. I can’t even find the dongle when I hear the program. Please ask a master for help.

    Only see the directory selected during installation.
  Computer dog, that is, dongle, the encryption dog now referred to is generally a hardware dongle. It is something similar to a USB flash drive, and it is an anti-piracy method. Generally, a small part of the program or the decrypted part is integrated into the hardware of the dongle to prevent software piracy.
   Dongle is often regarded as a hardware protection. It is a small plug-in that can be attached to the computer's parallel port, serial port or USB. It contains the EPROM burned by the manufacturer and a customized application specific integrated circuit. The principle of dongle protection is that the software developer often checks the cell in the dongle in the program and compares the return value. This check can be directly reading the cell or using some internal algorithm (the cell is protected and cannot be directly read).

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