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Is dongle free? Where can I download it?

Is dongle free? Where can I download it?

Is dongle free? Where can I download it? Download is not very professional, will there be risks to the computer?

Dongle is hardware, now it is generally USB port, the shape is similar to U disk. The dongle is used to protect the legitimate software from being copied illegally. Generally, the purchase of legitimate software will be accompanied by a dongle. Only when the dongle is inserted into the USB port can the purchased software be used normally. I'm the one who cracked the encryption dog. If you need a friend, you can contact me. qq:

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Encryption dog is not free, unless after cracking, even if it is cracked dog, it will be charged. But it's cheaper than a genuine dog.

Some dogs have a back door, and there is a certain risk to the computer. Some are good.

Finally, the dongle is not software, it's hardware. If you are using Kingdee, do not buy pirated dog, you can download the registration machine directly. Pirated dogs are risky.

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