Monday, May 31, 2021

Is USB dongle easy to use? Which USB dongle is better

 Is USB dongle easy to use? Which USB dongle is better

Which is a good USB dongle? What if the USB dongle is lost? Can I retrieve the encrypted file?

USB dongle, now there are many brands

Domestic: rainbow, deep thinking, flying, etc,

Abroad: Israeli Aladdin hasp dog, American Santino dog, and German dog

The above products are all mature in technology, and there is no problem in use

There are differences in price. Most of the domestic prices are below 100 yuan, while the foreign ones are above 100 yuan

Just like the difference between domestic cars and imported cars, each takes what he needs

So, how to choose a dongle?

It is suggested that the price of the software and the degree of security requirements should be considered

Here we see the relevant technical information.

If the dongle is lost, it is usually not supplemented, because a dongle is a set of software, which can be solved according to the prior agreement

If lost, add a dongle with the same development number. After authorization, you can continue to use the software

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