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Monday, May 3, 2021

Main functions of network technology

 Main functions of network technology

Generally speaking, computer network can provide the following main functions:

resource sharing

The emergence of the network makes resource sharing very simple. The two sides of communication can cross the barriers of time and space and transfer information anytime and anywhere.

Information transmission and centralized processing

Data is delivered to the server through the network, and then sent back to the terminal after centralized processing by the server.

Load balancing and distributed processing

Load balancing is also one of the advantages of network. Take a typical example: a large ICP (Internet content provider) in order to support more users to visit its website, has placed WWW servers with the same content in many parts of the world; Through certain skills, users in different regions can see the same page placed on the nearest server, so as to realize the load balance of each server, and at the same time, users can save a lot of wrongs.

integrated information service

One of the major development trends of network is multi-dimensional, that is, to provide integrated information services on a set of systems, including resources from politics, economy, etc., and even to provide multimedia information, such as images, voice, animation, etc. In the trend of multi-dimensional development, many new forms of network applications are emerging

① E-mail - this should be one of the most convenient ways to communicate on the Internet. The recipient doesn't have to be on the Internet when sending e-mail, but as long as he opens the mailbox at any time in the future, he can see his own letter.

② Online trading is doing business through the Internet. Some of them need to settle accounts directly through the network, which requires high security of the network.

③ VOD - this is a new entertainment or learning project, which is widely used in intelligent community, hotel or school. Its form is similar to TV station selection, but the difference is that the program content is transmitted through the network.

④ Online conference - also known as video conference, as the name suggests, is to hold a meeting through the network. The difference between VOD and VOD is that all participants need to send images actively. In order to achieve real-time simultaneous interpreting of data, images and sounds, it puts forward the highest requirement for the speed of network processing.

The above functions of the network are just a few examples. We will use more detailed cases to enrich your understanding of the network in the future.

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