Thursday, May 13, 2021

Network technician

Network technician

Network technician

The basic principles of today's network technology can be found in the following 12 directories:

1. Network hierarchy

2. OSI seven layer network model

3. IP address

4. Subnet mask and network division

5. ARP / RARP protocol

6. Routing protocol

7. TCP / IP protocol

8. UDP protocol

9. DNS protocol

10. NAT protocol

11. DHCP protocol

12. HTTP protocol

13. An example

The core content of computer network learning is network protocol learning. Network protocol is a set of rules, standards or conventions established for data exchange in computer network. Because the data terminals of different users may adopt different character sets, they need to communicate with each other and must be carried out on certain standards. A very figurative metaphor is our language. We have a vast territory and a large number of people. Our local languages are also very rich, and there is a huge gap between dialects. The dialect of a region may not be acceptable to the people of B region at all, so we need to establish a language standard for the communication of people's names across the country, which is the function of our Putonghua. Similarly, looking around the world, the standard language for us to communicate with foreign friends is English, so we have to study English hard.

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