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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

New technology of computer network

New technology of computer network

For a new computer network technology paper requirements: one aspect of the new technology on the line, a certain self-opinion, about 3000 words, thank you!

Computer network technology paper 2008-06-07 20:55 the change of grid is changing with each passing day, and the corresponding grid standard, framework, implementation and application are also developing rapidly. Now, the application of grid computing is just like the early situation of Web services, or XML. On the surface, it seems to be developing slowly. However, once there are unified standards and tools, there will be explosive development. 1) What is grid computing? Grid computing is a gradually formed technology. Different people will give different definitions. In fact, the definition of grid computing is very simple: using grid computing technology, a group of servers, storage systems and networks can be combined into a large system and provide high-quality services. For end users or applications, grid computing is like a huge virtual computing system. Further analysis, grid technology allows the organization and use of countless computers to share computing resources to solve problems. The problems to be solved may involve data processing, network or data storage. This system, which is combined by grid technology, may be in the same room or distributed all over the world, running on different hardware platforms, different operating systems and belonging to different organizations. The basic idea is to endow some users with specific tasks. Grid technology will balance these huge it resources to complete the tasks. In essence, all grid users work with a huge virtual system. It sounds wonderful, but the problem is how to make them come true, which requires standard, open, unified protocols and interfaces. Now the standard is being formulated, and gradually emerged. Conversely, why are clusters, networks connecting storage devices, scientific facilities, and networks not grids? Each of these may be an important part of the grid, but he can't build the grid himself. There are several grid types. A) computational grid, these machines will deal with data, and other heavy work. b) Extracting grid is usually to extract CPU time slices from idle servers and desktops for resource intensive tasks. c) Data grid provides a unified interface for an organization's data knowledge base, through which data can be queried, managed and protected. Computer network refers to a computer system that connects multiple computers and their external devices with independent functions in different geographical locations through communication lines, and realizes resource sharing and information transmission under the management and coordination of network operating system, network management software and network communication protocol. In short, computer network is a collection of two or more computers interconnected by cable, telephone line or wireless communication. The development of computer network has experienced three stages: terminal oriented single level computer network, computer network to computer network and open standardized computer network. Generally speaking, computer network is composed of multiple computers (or other computer network devices) connected together through transmission media and software Physics (or logic). Generally speaking, the composition of computer network basically includes: computer, network operating system, transmission medium (which can be tangible or intangible, such as the transmission medium of wireless network is air) and corresponding application software. The definition is very simple: a network is a group of computers connected in a certain form. A network can be composed of two computers, or it can have thousands of computers and users in the same building. We usually refer to this kind of network as LAN (local area network), which extends to a wider range, such as the whole city or even the whole country. This kind of network is called Wan (wide area network). Of course, if you want to divide it more carefully, you can also have man (metropolitan area network) and can (metropolitan area network), These networks need to be maintained by special managers. And the Internet that we touch most often is composed of these innumerable LAN and WAN. The Internet only provides the connection between them, but there is no special person to manage them (except for maintaining the connection and setting the use standard). It can be said that the Internet is the most free and the most unregulated place. On the Internet, there are no national boundaries and races. As long as you connect it, the computer on the other side of the earth is no different from your roommate's computer


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