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Saturday, May 1, 2021

What does network technology mean?

What does network technology mean?

The technology of studying the general law and calculation method of network. Also known as the overall planning method. Network technology is a technology that organically integrates the related activities of a task into a whole in the form of network diagram, and obtains the optimal effect through analysis and calculation. It is an effective method to draw up the project speed plan and manage it scientifically. The basis of network technology is network diagram. The basic method is to make network diagram first, and then use it to optimize the project plan. Network diagram is composed of four parts: process (arrow), node (circle), route, time parameter and time coordinate. Working procedure refers to material preparation and other process procedures in the project; Node is a symbol to indicate the beginning, end or process boundary of a project, which is usually indicated by a number in a circle, such as ①, ②, etc; A route is a road organized by processes connected in sequence or logical relationship, usually represented by double solid lines or thick solid lines; There are two kinds of time parameters: working hours of an operation and node parameters. The former refers to the time consumed from the start to the completion of the operation, which is usually marked below the operation with numbers; Node parameters include node, node early and node late, and node early refers to the earliest start time. The latest time to start construction is the latest time to start construction; Time coordinates are divided into cumulative date coordinates and calendar date coordinates, which are generally placed above or below the network diagram. The steps of drawing up network diagram are as follows: 1. ② Make an operation list. ③ Make a sketch. ④ Calculate and sketch the network time. ⑤ Find out the key line (the line that consumes the longest time and determines the total construction period) and calculate the total construction period. ⑥ Adjust the time coordinate of layout configuration. The fundamental way to adjust and optimize the network plan can be summarized as: to ask for time from the critical line, to ask for resources from the non critical line.


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