Saturday, May 22, 2021

What is network technology support?

What is network technology support?

What kind of work is network technology support? What is it mainly for? Can you learn something? Is there room for promotion? I was interviewed for the position in Yibin Telecom. Now I'm wondering whether to go or not!

Now working in a small company, the boss is also the person in charge of Telecom. He said that after two years, the company will give a 3% commission to the project when it has funds. Can the boss believe his words?

The main answer to the network technology support this work, the back of the piggyback to help analyze.

I feel satisfied after the additional 50 points!

Please know the nature of the work to help!

Network technology support is the type of network engineering technology and after-sales service engineer. It is mainly responsible for the implementation and delivery of network engineering projects. As a technical expert or after-sales service, it supports the project delivery, solves various product technical problems in the project, and completes the project implementation and delivery; It also supports daily maintenance, fault location, fault handling and network optimization of WDM / SDH network to improve network performance. You can learn something, but it's better to do this kind of work similar to Huawei's technical service department. The promotion space of small companies is small, and it's not suitable for future development. If you work in a small company now, it's better to go to Yibin Telecom. It's an opportunity. In the future, with the professional background of Yibin Telecom, it is possible to get a high salary if you switch to Huawei. It is difficult to get to Huawei in a small company. Don't give up this opportunity, suggest doing it.

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