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Sunday, May 23, 2021

What's the difference between a dongle and a USB flash drive?

What's the difference between a dongle and a USB flash drive?

Dongle dongle is a kind of hardware device that looks like U disk. It is named encryption lock. Later, it has developed into a popular industry term of software protection. "Dongle" is an encryption product that combines software and hardware inserted into the parallel port of computer (the new dongle also has USB port). Generally, there are dozens or hundreds of bytes of nonvolatile storage space for reading and writing, and now the newer dog also contains a single chip microcomputer. Software developers can exchange data with softdog through interface function (that is, read and write softdog) to check whether the softdog is inserted in the interface; Or directly use the tool attached to the softdog to encrypt your own EXE file (commonly known as "shell"). In this way, software developers can set multiple software locks in the software, and use the softdog as the key to open these locks; If the softdog is not inserted or does not correspond, the software will not run normally.

The encrypted dog exchanges data with the encrypted dog in the process of software execution to realize encryption. The embedded MCU circuit (also known as CPU) of the encrypted dog makes the encrypted dog have the processing ability of judgment and analysis, and enhances the active anti decryption ability. This kind of encryption product is called "intelligent" encryption dog. The built-in MCU of the encryption dog contains the algorithm software specially used for encryption. After the software is written into the MCU, it can no longer be read out. This ensures that the dongle hardware cannot be copied. At the same time, the encryption algorithm is unpredictable and irreversible. Encryption algorithm can transform a number or character into an integer, such as dogconvert (1) = 17345, dogconvert (a) = 43565.

Dongle is an intelligent software protection tool for software developers. It includes a set of hardware installed on the computer parallel port or USB port, and a set of interface software and tool software suitable for various languages. Based on hardware protection technology, the purpose of dongle is to prevent intellectual property from being used illegally by protecting software and data. USB flash disk, full name "USB flash disk", English name "USB flash disk". The name of U-disk originated from a new type of storage device produced by Longke company, called "USB disk", which uses USB interface to connect. After the USB interface is connected to the host computer, the data of the U disk can be put on the computer. The data on the computer can also be put on the U disk, which is very convenient. Later, due to the patent registration of LANCO, the equipment of similar technology can no longer be called "USB flash disk", but homophonic "USB flash disk". Later, the name "U disk" was widely known because it was easy to remember, but until now, the two have been used in common, and they are no longer distinguished. Its biggest advantage is: small and easy to carry, large storage capacity, low price. It is one of the mobile storage devices. General U disk capacity has 1g, 2G, 4G, 8g, 16g, etc., price to the most common 4GB, for example, 40 yuan can buy. U disk capacity has been greatly improved, such as: 4G, 8g, 16g U disk. It's portable and belongs to the mobile storage device, so it's certainly not inserted in the chassis. We can hang it on the chest, hang it on the key chain, or even put it in the wallet.

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