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Friday, June 18, 2021

Computer network technology

Computer network technology

One year's study:

Windows Server 2003 server operating system

Linux server operating system

Structured generic cabling

Network equipment and network technology

Advanced technology of enterprise network security

Integrated management of enterprise network

Comprehensive training of professional quality -- it elite career navigation

Two years of study

Advanced technology of enterprise network

Establish enterprise mail and OA system

Advanced technology and training of LAN design and Implementation

Comprehensive network security solutions

Comprehensive network management and troubleshooting technology and training

Appreciation of excellent network engineering cases at home and abroad

Project management process and quality control of network application and system engineering

Comprehensive training of professional quality -- a different starting point

I don't know where LZ is from,

The popularity of training schools in each place is different. There is a better school in each place,

I don't know where LZ is. I'd like to introduce some famous schools in China,,

Xinhua computer school belongs to Xinhua Education Group. You can see it on the Internet. It's a large educational institution in China with high popularity. It's a big brand. CCTV can see the advertisement, and Pu Cunxin is the spokesperson. It should be well known all over the country. I don't know if you have LZ,

I'm from Chongqing. This school is quite influential in Chongqing. The employment is good and recognized by enterprises. It's OK to get employment in Chongqing. In fact, it depends on what you've learned and what you're doing. I hope you can ask. One is to go to the official website and the other is to make a phone call. In this way, you can understand. If you have any questions, you can consult online. Anyway, you don't need money,

Typing is very hard, LZ points

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