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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Computer network technology

Computer network technology refers to a computer system that connects multiple computers and their external devices with independent functions in different geographical locations through communication lines, and realizes resource sharing and information transmission under the management and coordination of network operating system, network management software and network communication protocol.

1、 Commercial application.

1. The main purpose is to achieve resource sharing, and finally break the constraints of geography, mainly using the client server model.

2. Provide powerful communication media. Such as: e-mail, video conference.

3. E-commerce activities. For example, different suppliers buy subsystems and then assemble them.

4. Do all kinds of transactions with customers through the Internet. Such as: bookstores, audio and video at home to buy goods or services.

2、 Family use

1. Access remote information. For example: browse the web page to get information about art, business, cooking, government, health, history, hobbies, entertainment, science, sports, tourism and so on.

2. Communication between individuals. Such as: instant messaging uses < QQ, MSN, YY >, chat room, peer-to-communication < through the central database sharing, the major network disk, but easy to cause copyright infringement >.

3. Interactive entertainment. Such as: video on demand, real-time comments and participate in activities "live TV network interaction", online games.

4. E-commerce in a broad sense. For example: electronic payment of bills, management of bank accounts, investment processing.

3、 Mobile users

Based on wireless network.

1. Mobile computer: notebook computer, PDA, 3G mobile phone.

2. Military: a war can not rely on LAN equipment communication.

3. It can be used in freight transport fleet, taxi, express car, etc.

4、 Social issues

Learning content includes: Network Technology Engineer refers to the ability to engage in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of computer information system. Familiar with mainstream operating systems, such as windows, Linux, UNIX, master the installation and debugging of common software, TCP / IP knowledge, master the configuration and debugging of common routes, master the knowledge of generic cabling and network integration, be familiar with the selection of equipment and the design of network topology, achieve scientific, reasonable, safe and highest performance price ratio of network, and be familiar with the installation and debugging of servers, Disk array, can timely learn and master the mainstream network technology.

I hope my answer can help you!

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