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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Employment direction and Prospect of computer network technology

Employment direction and Prospect of computer network technology

Computer network technology employment direction and employment prospects.. please be more detailed

This major is oriented to the post group of computer network application technology in enterprises and institutions. It can carry out computer operation and maintenance, design, installation and debugging of computer LAN; System integration of computer network communication products; Wan management and maintenance; Design, development and application of network management information system, website design and development, etc. Can be engaged in network management, website maintenance, webpage design and creation and e-commerce in software park, high-tech park, major computer companies, network companies, websites, high-tech enterprises, companies, enterprises and information departments

What is network technology? We will be geographically different, with independent functions of multiple computer systems, through communication equipment and lines connected to each other, the use of fully functional network software to achieve network resource sharing system, known as the computer network. In other words, computer network can not only connect several computer systems into a simple network with communication lines to realize the collection, distribution, transmission and processing of information, but also connect thousands of computer systems and thousands of kilometers or even tens of thousands of kilometers of communication lines into a national or global computer network. According to the different areas of network coverage, the computer network can be divided into LAN, Wan, man, Internet and other computer network technology professional employment prospects; The engineering and technical posts are network engineer, software engineer and database engineer; The operation and maintenance positions are set as database administrator, system administrator, network administrator, equipment administrator, etc; The operation posts are set up as official document man, CAD Designer, Web Page Maker, Multimedia maker, etc. Compared with software technicians, network technicians have a wider scope of employment, more complex knowledge system and higher requirements for professional skills. At present, network engineers have become a huge bottleneck in the implementation of domestic informatization.

As far as the learning of network engineers is concerned, network engineers pay attention to practice in the learning process, which is easier for people with relatively weak foundation to learn, and is also of great help to their future employment. As a sunrise industry in the 21st century, network industry has a great market demand. Network engineers are network technicians who master the theoretical knowledge and operation skills of network technology through learning and training. Network engineer can be engaged in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of computer information system.

For example, the system administrator should be responsible for both system management and network management; Large enterprises often divide network engineers into network designers, system integration engineers, network installation engineers, generic cabling engineers and system testing engineers.

Almost all IT enterprises need network engineers to help users design and build computer information systems; Almost all it customers with computer information systems need network engineers to be responsible for operation and maintenance. Therefore, network engineers have more employment opportunities than software engineers. They can develop in the fields of database management, web development, it sales, Internet programming, database application, network development and customer support. Moreover, the salary is not bad. Statistics show that the average monthly salary of network technicians is about 3000-5000 yuan, while the highest salary is more than 8000 yuan.

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