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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

How to learn network technology

How to learn network technology

There is no limit to network technology, and hackers are omnipotent

The contents are as follows:

1. Because of interest, many things are learned inadvertently. If you want to learn network technology, you must first have a strong desire for knowledge. For things you don't know, you must learn to study by yourself. We should believe that only the things we have researched are innovative and belong to ourselves!

2. Baidu, 360, Sogou, Google and other search engines are the best teachers. Some graduate students even feel that they are at a loss, because they have worked hard for decades to learn things, Baidu will find the relevant answers. We should be good at using search engines to find useful information for ourselves.

There is no doubt about the ability of learning. No matter how the times develop, how technology updates, learning ability will never change. Good learning ability needs to be cultivated in daily life. When learning becomes a habit, you will know that you are not far from success.

4. Watch a variety of video tutorials, which is the most simple and direct learning method for beginners. Through online search, you can find many video tutorials. Here is a more systematic and professional video tutorial website.

Introduction to network technology:

Network technology is a new technology developed from the mid-1990s. It integrates the scattered resources on the Internet into an organic whole, realizes the comprehensive sharing and organic cooperation of resources, and enables people to use the overall ability of resources transparently and obtain information on demand. Resources include high performance computers, storage resources, data resources, information resources, knowledge resources, expert resources, large databases, networks, sensors, etc. The current Internet is only limited to information sharing, and the network is considered to be the third stage of Internet development. Network can construct regional network, enterprise internal network, LAN network, even home network and personal network. The fundamental characteristic of the network is not necessarily its scale, but the sharing of resources and the elimination of resource islands.

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