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Friday, June 25, 2021

Introduction of computer network technology

Introduction of computer network technology

Can you introduce the major of computer network technology?

Computer network technology major: mainly train computer network installation, testing, maintenance, management and application technical personnel. Master the basic knowledge of computer circuit, computer operation and computer network; Have the basic skills of network operating system and application installation and setup, and have the ability of network hardware planning, installation, construction, debugging and maintenance; Master the basic knowledge of computer multimedia technology, have a certain web page production ability.

Can you introduce the major of computer network technology?

Majors include:; Computer network, network management, network system engineering, database principle, network information security, wireless network, C + +, Java, TCP / IP protocol principle.

Junior College: website design and development, network professional English, marketing 3, network system management - Windows, network system management - Windows practice, network database technology application, network database technology application practice, program design introduction - Java, network system management - Linux, network system management - Linux practice, network multimedia technology application, Java application program design, network interconnection technology application, network interconnection technology application practice), network security management, network security management practice), network project management, network technology foundation, computer application technology, computer application technology experiment.

Undergraduate section: outline of modern Chinese history, introduction to basic principles of Marxism, second year of English Advanced Mathematics, introduction to communication, principles of computer network, network operating system, principles of database system, practice of database system principles), computer network management, network engineering, Internet and its applications, Internet and its application experiments, computer network security, Data structure, data structure practice, AVA language programming I, AVA language programming I practice, graduation project of computer network major.

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