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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

key technology

 key technology

The key technologies of network include network node, broadband network system, resource management and task scheduling tools, application layer visualization tools. Network node is the provider of network computing resources, including high-end server, cluster system, MPP system, large storage device, database and so on. Broadband network system is a necessary means to provide high performance communication in network computing environment. Resource management and task scheduling tools are used to solve the key problems of resource description, organization and management. According to the load of the current system, the task scheduling tool dynamically schedules the tasks in the system to improve the efficiency of the system. Network computing is mainly scientific computing, which is often accompanied by massive data. If the calculation results are converted into intuitive graphic information, it can help researchers get rid of the difficulty of understanding the data. This requires the development of visualization tools that can transmit and read data in network computing and provide friendly user interface.

research status

Network computing usually focuses on large-scale application projects. According to globus technology, large-scale application projects should be completed by many organizations. They form a "virtual organization". The computing resources owned by each organization are shared in the virtual organization to complete the projects cooperatively. For sharing, what is valuable is not the device itself, but the interface or interface of the entity.

From a technical point of view, sharing is the interoperability between resources or entities. Globus technology sets that interoperability in network environment means developing a set of general protocol to describe message format and message exchange rules. On top of the protocol, a series of services need to be developed, which is the same as the World Wide Web services based on TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). In service, application programming interfaces are defined first, and then software development tools are built based on these interfaces.

Globus network computing protocol is based on internet protocol, which includes communication, routing, name resolution and other functions. Globus protocol is divided into five layers: construction layer, connection layer, resource layer, collection layer and application layer. Each layer has its own service, application programming interface and software development tools, and the service of upper layer protocol calling lower layer protocol. All global applications in the network need to call the operating system through the services provided by the protocol.

The function of construction layer is to provide the shared resources in the network, which is a physical or logical entity. Common shared resources include processing power, storage system, directory, network resource, distributed file system, distributed computer pool and computer cluster

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