Monday, June 7, 2021

Network technology

Graphic design? Photoshop CorelDRAW CAD and other CAD are mainly used for engineering drawing. CorelDRAW is vector image processing. Photoshop processes general bitmap images. There are many similar software. These belong to application software, that is, image processing software of computer application technology. What they do can be used as advertising icons. Flash is actually used for animation It's also the processing of pictures. 3D Max is a three-dimensional drawing, not a plane. It can also make three-dimensional animation effects. The things in 3D games are made with this. This is also the design aspect

Hardware knowledge? The principle of basic components of computer, assembly and maintenance, etc

Program design? Some assembly language high-level language, the use of these programming languages is actually the mastery of application software

Network technology is networking, network maintenance and detection. You need to be proficient in some network protocols, such as TCP / IP. You also need to understand the hardware (bridge router, others) and learn some software

Network security is the security of information privacy and so on after you connect to the Internet. This thing involves cryptography and network protocols

It's not easy to categorize, because many things are related. Multimedia technology is actually software technology. The application of electronics is not only a matter of computers. All electronic products will use this communication technology. In terms of computers, it's actually network technology. All computer science is basically application level. There's no need to make such a clear distinction

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