Tuesday, June 1, 2021

On the key problem of dongle

On the key problem of dongle

There is a cash register system installed in our store. The software is integrated with a dongle program. It can be installed on a host computer and can be used normally. The software installation personnel have provided the key of the dongle. A - (super disdain) - the host computer that has installed the cash register software can be deployed

This has nothing to do with the hardware you use, because the cashier system you use is encrypted with a dongle, and the system and the dongle are one-to-one corresponding. Software developers spend a lot of manpower and material resources to develop this system, and they do so to ensure that the system you use is genuine, which is very normal

As like as two peas, the other is a computer that is used by a single dog. Some of them are not even able to be used. Some of them can still be used for pulling out the encrypted dog. Others need to be registered. If the same configuration can be used, then what does the software company depend on.

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