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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Technical questions about the encryption dog

Technical questions about the encryption dog

Company intranet IP direct server access to the dog, why other people's computers can get my not the same company intranet! Could it be the IP access problem of the computer? Please list the reasons and solutions! Wealth!

Let me share the report

The 2 answer is "what is the gift of children's day?"

The ice rises to the East

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Dongle is a USB hardware that software developers use to protect software copyright. It looks like a USB flash disk. You can see that this description should use the netdog function, which may be accessed through IP and port number. If other computers are OK, only your computer can't do it. You can check whether the IP and port number are used correctly, or ping the server where the dongle is inserted, For example, press the win + R key to open the run and enter Ping to see if it is a success or failure. If the failure is a network problem, since other computers can work, it should not be a firewall problem. You can also see if it is because your computer and server IP are not the same network segment. You can also check whether there is any configuration file in the program directory that can modify the server information. It really can't be solved. I'd better go to customer service for after-sales treatment.

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