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Thursday, June 10, 2021

What are the jobs of computer network technology

What are the jobs of computer network technology

Network administrator (technical type) Job Description: now, more and more enterprises realize that using the network office is convenient and can save money, and realize information sharing through the network, for example, the company employees can share hardware or software such as printers and fax machines. Network administrator is a professional person who can ensure the normal operation of the network (including Internet, LAN, Wan and other data communication systems), quickly locate and eliminate errors when faults occur, design, assemble, manage and maintain the internal computer network of the enterprise, and provide computer technical consultation and support to ensure the information security of the enterprise. The main daily work is: maintain the company's computer hardware, build and equip the computer network, design the network scheme according to the demand; ü Maintain and monitor the company LAN to ensure its normal operation; ü Install and maintain the company's computer, server system software and application software, and provide technical support; ü Solve all kinds of software and hardware faults, make records, and make system operation report regularly; ü Maintain the data center, backup the system data, and assist the development of website related application software. ü In a word, all the things related to the establishment, management, troubleshooting and network security of the network belong to the work of the network administrator, so it is known as the "scout" of the Internet. Core competitiveness: knowledge requirements: network administrators usually require bachelor degree or above in communication, electronic engineering, computer science. Familiar with the principle of ADSL technology, familiar with the use of ADSL routing equipment, proficient in ADSL sharing technology. Skill requirements: be familiar with the performance, connection and configuration of network equipment, master the construction, configuration and management of network services, and be able to skillfully use network diagnosis software tools to eliminate network faults in time; Have strong practical ability and learning ability, good at analyzing and thinking problems. Experience requirements: more than two years working experience in system operation, proficient in LAN maintenance and network security; Familiar with WLAN technology, WLAN configuration and debugging experience. Professionalism: work initiative, patience, meticulous, have a sense of responsibility and pressure, with the ability to respond quickly. Career status: as of January 2005, there are 94 million Internet users in China. Network has become an indispensable tool for people to obtain information in their lives. At the same time, network security has become the most headache for all network users. The role of network administrator is more and more indispensable. Five years ago, the first task of network administrators was to patch all the vulnerabilities as soon as possible after the worm came out. Nowadays, many new vulnerabilities can be found every week, and patching has become a heavy task for network administrators. Therefore, constantly updating software patches has become a key means to protect the network from viruses, worms and other hazards. This requires network administrators to keep pace with the times, widely involved in network management related fields, constantly update their knowledge and skills, and keep up with the pace of network "development". Risk and reward: the network is a complex system, and the relationship between failure and cause is complex, which may be one cause and many effects, or one cause and many effects. Once there is a problem, the network administrator should return to normal as soon as possible, and the pressure is great. Usually, most of the work is routine, extremely boring, and overtime is a routine. In Beijing, the salary of network administrators is generally between 50000 and 80000 yuan per year. Career trend: development path: network administrator is the first and most direct manager to maintain the network system, which can be divided into primary and advanced. The complex and endless development of the network makes the network administrator March to a deeper and more professional level. Transformation opportunities: with the accumulation of experience and the improvement of skills, network administrators can turn to network security engineers, system analysts and other fields.

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