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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

What are the latest network technologies

What are the latest network technologies

Just when 3G communication technology is in the process of brewing, higher technology applications have been developed in the laboratory. Therefore, while people are looking forward to the high-quality service brought by the third generation mobile communication system, the latest technology of the fourth generation mobile communication system is quietly carried out in the laboratory. So what is four g communication? It is said that the concept of 4G communication comes from other wireless service technologies, from wireless application protocol, global pocket wireless service to 3G; Some people say that 4G communication is a research topic beyond 2010. 4G communication is a system in the system, which can utilize various wireless technologies; But no matter how people define 4G communication, one thing people can be sure is that 4G communication may be a more perfect new wireless world than 3G communication, which can create many applications that consumers can't imagine. The maximum data transmission rate of 4G is more than 100mbit / s, which is 10000 times of that of China Mobile and 50 times of that of China Mobile. 4G mobile phone can provide high-performance converged media content and become a personal identification device through ID application. It can also accept high-resolution movies and TV programs, thus becoming a link in the new infrastructure that combines broadcasting and communications. In addition, some services such as four gigabytes wireless instant connection will be cheaper than three gigabytes. In addition, 4G is expected to integrate different modes of wireless communication - from wireless local area network, Bluetooth and other indoor networks, cellular signals, radio and television to satellite communications, so that mobile users can freely roam from one standard to another. Four g communication technology is not separated from the previous communication technology, but based on the traditional communication technology, and uses some new communication technology to continuously improve the efficiency and function of wireless communication. If three G can provide people with a high-speed wireless communication environment, then four g communication will be a super high-speed wireless China network, an information superhighway without cable. This new China network can enable Chinese users to connect with wireless and three-dimensional virtual reality. Compared with the traditional communication technology, the most obvious advantage of 4G communication technology is the call quality and data communication speed. However, in terms of call quality, mobile Chinese consumers can still accept it. With the development and application of technology, the call quality of existing mobile phones in China is still further improved. The high speed of data communication is indeed a great advantage. Its maximum data transmission rate is 100 Mbit / s, which is incredible. In addition, the advanced technology ensures the cost investment greatly reduced, and the future four G communication cost is lower than the two two year communication cost. 4G communication technology is another evolution of wireless communication technology after the third generation, and its development has a more clear goal: to improve the speed of mobile devices' wireless access to Internet China. According to the three-stage development plan of 3G market, 3G's multimedia services will enter the third development stage after 10 years, and the 3G China network covering the world has been basically completed, More than 25% of the world's population use 3G mobile communication system. In developed countries, the penetration rate of 3G service is more than 0%, so a new generation of system is needed to further improve the service quality. In order to make full use of the advanced services brought by 4G communication, people have to rely on a variety of 4G terminals. Many communication operators have seen the huge market potential of communication in the future, and they have begun to focus on the production of 4G communication terminal products, such as the production of small terminals with high-speed packet communication function Production of video terminals for video China and film and television transmission services with cameras, or production of card type data communication terminals matched with computers. With these communication terminals, people's mobile phone users can roam freely and enjoy high-quality communication anytime and anywhere. Four g system network structure and its key technology four G mobile system network structure can be divided into three layers: physical network layer, intermediate environment layer and application network layer. Physical China network layer provides access and routing functions, which are completed by the combination format of wireless and core China. The functions of the middle environment layer include QoS mapping, address transformation and integrity management. The interface between physical network layer, middle environment layer and its application environment is open. It makes it easier to develop and provide new applications and services. It provides seamless high data rate wireless services and runs in multiple frequency bands. This service can adapt to multiple wireless standards and multi-mode terminal capabilities, span multiple operators and services, and provide a wide range of services. The key technologies of the fourth generation mobile communication system include channel transmission; High speed access technology, modulation and information transmission technology with strong anti-interference; Adaptive array smart antenna with high performance, miniaturization and low cost; High capacity and low cost wireless interface and optical interface; System management resources; Software radio, China network structure protocol, etc. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is the core technology of the fourth generation mobile communication system. OFDM technology is characterized by highly scalable network structure, good anti noise performance and anti multi-channel interference ability. It can provide higher quality (high speed, small delay) service and better performance price ratio of wireless data technology, and can provide a better solution for 4G wireless China. For example, wireless area loop (WLL) and digital audio broadcasting (DAB) are expected to adopt OFDM technology. 4G mobile communications provides technical response to the requirements of accelerating growth of broadband wireless connection, and provides seamless services to a variety of wireless systems and networks across the public and private, indoor and outdoor. By providing the best service required by users to the most suitable available China network, it can cope with the growth expected by Internet based China communication, add new frequency bands, greatly expand spectrum resources, provide different types of communication interfaces, use routing technology based China network architecture, and develop hardware architecture with Fourier transform to realize the fourth generation China network architecture. Mobile communication will develop in the direction of data, high speed, broadband and higher frequency band. Mobile data and mobile IP are expected to become the mainstream services of Mobile China in the future

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