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Sunday, June 6, 2021

What are the specific classifications of network technology

What are the specific classifications of network technology

What you said is really hard to distinguish. They are not a classification standard,

In fact, the largest range can be divided into one, software two, hardware

The software includes programming, graphic design, image processing, Photoshop, flash and 3DMAX, which are all image processing tools. As for C language, which is used in programming, it can also be said that it is a tool,

And hardware is what really exists on the computer, your chassis, power supply, motherboard, hard disk, mouse, keyboard and other things you can see,

You can learn to repair these things, and you can also learn to sell these things. Of course, the premise for you to sell these things is that you understand, ha ha, so you should start from understanding these things. At present, what you need to learn is to understand the most basic things, the composition and use of computer hardware, and then choose what you want to learn. The learning thing of hardware is that you know how to repair, Further, you know how they all work, but after learning maintenance, you can make money with it,

Let's talk about software. I study software development, that is, programming. (program is software. I feel like I'm talking nonsense. I don't know how much you know. You should be able to understand what I'm saying. If you can't understand it, I suggest you don't blindly choose the direction you want to learn, because you haven't started yet.), But what you said is good now. Image processing, big cities and small cities are all useful. Programming is going to big cities, and advertising is also suitable for big and small cities,

Now let's talk about the computer application, computer network, computer multimedia, computer information management, computer software technology and so on. These are generally courses offered in the University. What I learned in the university is computer software technology, mainly software card (that is, programming). These are written language, In fact, there is no major direction for computer application. You can learn everything, and you are not proficient in everything. That is to say, it is difficult for you to find a job in the society, because you are not proficient in anything. Computer multimedia is used to do some multimedia technology, such as flash, pictures, and you need this for advertising. You think, ah, advertising, sound and image, Animation, it's all multimedia. It's more interesting, and the proportion of boys and girls is not out of balance. It's terrible to learn software. There are 30 students in our class, 7 girls, 150 students in our department, less than 30 girls, and there are few beautiful ones. Ha ha, these are jokes, but it's a fact. Image processing is a technology, that is, to make pictures beautiful and clear, There is a special occupation that needs this technology. For example, you need it very much in the photo studio (if you want to learn it well). The main working place of computer network is the Internet bar. In my opinion, if you are not a big school or have the ability to work in a big company, the chance to be their network administrator is very small, but it depends on your hobby. Information management is database, It's a little closely related to software development. I don't know much about the application of electronic technology. I think it should be similar to computer application technology. Communication technology, ha ha, is related to communication companies such as China Mobile and China Unicom. I don't know what to learn,

In conclusion, learning software and hardware is very good, the key is to see which you like, but the premise is that you should understand both aspects. According to the naive degree of your current question, you still need to learn what is computer and its development history. Thank you

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