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Monday, June 28, 2021

What courses does computer network technology include

What courses does computer network technology include

Computer network technology itself is a major.

Computer network technology is the combination of communication technology and computer technology. Computer network is a collection of scattered and independent computers connected to each other according to network protocol. The connecting medium can be cable, twisted pair, optical fiber, microwave, carrier or communication satellite. Computer network has the function of sharing hardware, software and data resources, and has the ability of centralized processing, management and maintenance of shared data resources.

Computer network includes two parts: computer and network. Computer is also called electronic computer, commonly known as computer. It is a kind of modern intelligent electronic equipment that can run according to the program, automatically and high-speed process massive data. A computer that is composed of hardware and software and has no software installed is called bare metal. The common forms are desktop computer, notebook computer, large-scale computer and so on. The more advanced computers are biological computer, photon computer, quantum computer and so on. The network is to use physical links to connect all isolated workstations or hosts together to form data links, so as to achieve the purpose of resource sharing and communication. Therefore, computer network is a system that connects multiple autonomous computer systems and their external networks in different geographical locations through communication media, and realizes resource sharing and information transmission under the management and coordination of network operating system, network management software and communication protocol.

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