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Friday, June 4, 2021

What skills does network technology include?

What skills does network technology include?

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Network technology is a new technology developed from the mid-1990s. It integrates the scattered resources on the Internet into an organic whole, realizes the comprehensive sharing and organic cooperation of resources, and enables people to use the overall ability of resources transparently and obtain information on demand. Resources include high performance computers, storage resources, data resources, information resources, knowledge resources, expert resources, large databases, networks, sensors, etc. The current Internet is only limited to information sharing, and the network is considered to be the third stage of Internet development. Network can construct regional network, enterprise internal network, LAN network, even home network and personal network. The fundamental characteristic of the network is not necessarily its scale, but the sharing of resources and the elimination of resource islands. Network technology has great application potential. It can mobilize millions of computers to complete a computing task at the same time. It can gather the efforts of thousands of scientists to complete the same scientific experiment together. It can also enable people distributed all over the world to realize face-to-face communication in a virtual environment. The key technologies of network include network node, broadband network system, resource management and task scheduling tools, application layer visualization tools. Network node is the provider of network computing resources, including high-end server, cluster system, MPP system, large storage device, database and so on. Broadband network system is a necessary means to provide high performance communication in network computing environment. Resource management and task scheduling tools are used to solve the key problems of resource description, organization and management. According to the load of the current system, the task scheduling tool dynamically schedules the tasks in the system to improve the efficiency of the system. Network computing is mainly scientific computing, which is often accompanied by massive data. If the calculation results are converted into intuitive graphic information, it can help researchers get rid of the difficulty of understanding the data. This requires the development of visualization tools that can transmit and read data in network computing and provide friendly user interface. The application field of network technology is very wide, mainly in the following aspects. Distributed supercomputing distributed supercomputing connects supercomputers distributed in different places with high-speed network, and "glue" them with network middleware software, forming a computing platform much more powerful than a single supercomputing. Distributed instrument system the distributed instrument system uses the network to manage the valuable instrument systems distributed in various places, provides the means of remote access to instruments and equipment, improves the utilization rate of instruments, and facilitates the use of users. Data intensive computing parallel computing technology is often driven by some computing intensive applications, especially some applications with huge challenges, which greatly promote the research of high-performance parallel architecture, programming environment, large-scale visualization and other fields. The application of data intensive computing is much more than that of computing intensive computing. Its corresponding data network focuses more on the storage, transmission and processing of data, while computing network focuses more on the improvement of computing power. The leading project in this field is the data grid project of CERN, which aims to process the Pb / s experimental data generated by the Large Hadron Collider built in 2005. Remote immersion is a special networked virtual reality environment. It is a realistic reflection of reality or history, and visualization of high performance computing results or database“ "Immersion" means that people can fully integrate into it: participants from all over the world gather in the same virtual space through the network, which can roam freely, communicate with each other, and interact with the virtual environment to make it change. At present, dozens of remote immersion applications have been developed, including virtual history museum, collaborative learning environment and so on. Remote immersion can be widely used in interactive scientific visualization, education, training, art, entertainment, industrial design, information visualization and many other fields. Information integration network first appeared as an integrated heterogeneous computing platform, and then entered the field of distributed massive data processing. Through the unified information exchange architecture and a large number of middleware, information network provides users with "information at hand" service. Network information integration will be more applied in business. Applications and all kinds of information distributed all over the world can be seamlessly integrated and communicated through the network, thus forming new business opportunities.

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