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Saturday, July 31, 2021

How do I connect to the network??

How do I connect to the network??

How do I connect to the network??

You need to install broadband, then open the broadband connection, enter the user name and password provided by the operator, and then click the connection.

If broadband is installed, you cannot connect

[cause analysis]:

Because the network connection prompt is normal, you can also connect to the network. You can eliminate the problems of network card hardware and driver. It may be that the network protocol of some security software is loaded in the local connection, resulting in the failure of normal data transmission in the process of sending or receiving data packets.

[simple steps]:

[check network settings] - [anyviewnat service] - [cancel third party network protocol]


1. Check the network settings and find that there is an [anyview NAT service] item (or other third-party network protocol) in the local connection and wireless network connection protocol list. After canceling this item, the network can be accessed normally, and the web page and QQ can be opened normally. After testing, check the [anyview NAT service] item and the fault will reappear.

2. When encountering similar problems, it is recommended to view the protocol loaded by the local connection, only retain the standard network protocol (as shown in the figure), and cancel the retest of the third-party network protocol. If a network protocol is required for work, it can be retained.

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