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Sunday, July 25, 2021

network connections

network connections

Because the network cable has just been changed after moving, the system used to automatically allocate IP when surfing the Internet, which is very convenient.

Now, after changing ADSL, there is a dial-up for broadband connection on the desktop. You should connect first every time you surf the Internet. There are also two network connection signs in the taskbar in the lower right corner of the desktop, one is broadband connection and the other is local connection. Local connection is limited. Is there any way to delete the broadband connection and directly use the local connection to surf the Internet. Each time you surf the Internet, there is no dialing operation, which will be automatically controlled by the system? thank you

Windows XP ADSL automatic dialing

Method 1: you can select automatic dial-up Internet access. This is how my computer is set. For the basic method, see the following. There is an Internet option in the toolbar of IE browser. Click it, and there is a connection column above. Select dial-up connection regardless of whether the network is connected or not. When dial-up connection appears, there is a check mark for automatic connection above, and just jump on it, The computer is automatically connected every time you turn it on,

Method 2: after the ADSL connection is established, remove the check in front of "prompt name, password and certificate" in the "properties" - "options" of the connection. OK, and then put the shortcut of the connection into "start" in "Start Menu". When Windows starts, it dials automatically.

Method 3: in addition, the purpose can be achieved by opening the routing function of modem. According to different models of modem, the setting methods are different and complex.

Method 4: Step 1: create a text document on the desktop. The input content is as follows

Rasdial adsl rser password

You can use the broadband dial-up password command to explain the broadband dial-up password

Note: the standard format is (for example, my belt number is abc123 and my password is 123456)

Rasdial adsl abc123 123456

Step 2:

When you have finished writing the command completely (without errors), save it as. Bat format.

For example, you can save it as autolink.bat

Step 3:

Drag it to the start - program - startup (you can also right-click on the startup and select open to copy the edited autolink.bat file into it)


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