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Thursday, July 8, 2021

The website needs a dog. Do you want to buy a dog or do it yourself?

The website needs a dog. Do you want to buy a dog or do it yourself?

A controller built-in website needs a dongle, this controller is to sell money. In the past three years, about 1000 controllers have been sold every year. Is it better to buy a dongle or make a dongle by yourself? What technology is needed? Is software hard to do? ARM9 (CPU) for controller

Buy a word, we said three times!

Buy the SDK based on the dongle for secondary development.

As for how to develop, the key is that I can't understand your requirements. "A website built in a controller needs a dongle" identity authentication? Software protection? What is the development language of your website?



I don't understand the encryption dog, I didn't make it clear before..

It's like this: ARM9 (CPU) for controller, Linux aphche server. Built in website: HTML + JS + CGI, no server language (PHP). Want to do identity authentication with dongle, can you use??

JS is downloaded from the server to the client to run, not safe?

Follow up

About identity authentication: in the case of not using digital certificate, both dongle and USBKEY can be used for identity authentication, which can be used universally; If you use digital certificate, you must use USBKEY. If you don't use a certificate and use a dongle, you can call the ActiveX of the dongle. Using USBKEY instead of digital certificate is also the ActiveX of calling USBKEY by JS. You can refer to the authentication mechanism of challenge response, which is supported by early storage USBKEY.

About CPU: because it is arm, it needs the driver of dongle to support. SafeNet's shengtiangou and hasp support. Deep thinking and Feitian estimate that they need customization. For details, you can contact their manufacturer.

In addition, 1;

2. The price of encryption dog varies from dozens to hundreds

3. The priority of the selection of dongle is as follows:

Stability No1

Price No2

Security No3

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