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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

What's the difference between ukey and dongle?

What's the difference between ukey and dongle?

The main differences are different in nature, function and applicability, as follows:

1、 Different in nature


Ukey is a small storage device which is directly connected with computer through USB (universal serial bus interface), has password verification function, reliable and high speed. It is a very powerful supplement to the current network security system and a network security product certified by China Information Security Evaluation and Certification Center.

2. Dongle

The encryption dog generally refers to the computer encryption lock, which is a kind of encryption product with the combination of software and hardware (the new encryption lock also has USB port). It is an intelligent tool with software protection function for software developers. It includes a set of hardware installed on the computer parallel port or USB port, and a set of interface software and tool software suitable for various languages.

2、 The function is different


The securefile function component of ukey authentication system provides file based encryption, decryption and other functions. Through the operation of ukey built-in chip to encrypt, the security of the file in the encryption process and encryption is guaranteed to the greatest extent.

2. Dongle

Software developers can exchange data between the interface function and the encryption lock (that is, read and write the encryption lock) to check whether the encryption lock is inserted in the interface, or directly encrypt their own exe files (commonly known as "shell") with the tools attached to the encryption lock. In this way, software developers can set multiple software locks in the software, and use the encryption lock as the key to open these locks; If the encryption lock is not inserted or the encryption lock does not correspond, the software will not run normally. Encryption lock is based on hardware protection technology, and its purpose is to prevent the illegal use of intellectual property through the protection of software and data.

3、 Different applicability


① It is suitable for enterprises adopting ERP system.

② System integrators who need to add ERP system functions to enhance their competitiveness.

2. Dongle

It is suitable for large commercial software developers.

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia ukey

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia - dongle

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Mr. you you answers the question with high energy

March 23, 2020 · personal We Media


1. The function is different

Ukey is used to verify identity, just like when logging in to online banking, you need to insert a USB key to enter the online banking account.

Dongle is used to encrypt software programs. Its main purpose is to prevent software piracy and realize software authorization. When you buy a set of genuine with a dongle, you need to insert the dongle to run the program after installation, otherwise the program cannot be used.

2. Different uses

Ukey has a wide range of applications and supports the encryption and decryption functions of various files, while the dongle is widely used in various software.

Extended information;

The advantages of ukey;

1. Openness: Notes / Windows Vista / Windows 7, etc.

2. Security: hardware based encryption has incomparable advantages compared with software encryption, with high security and confidentiality. Based on ukey identity authentication, it ensures the security of the system and files to the greatest extent.

Computer file encryption is always the main content of computer security management. Whether files are stored safely or not is related to business information. A good file security solution, not only can feel the security of the original file, is so convenient and easy to achieve, but also can save their own file security no longer have any concerns.

3. Ease of use.

4. Superiority: it has high security.

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