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Sunday, August 22, 2021

How do java programs do dongles

How do java programs do dongles

As we all know, Java provides a very convenient development platform for the development language, but the developed programs can be easily transplanted on different platforms. Now more and more people use it to develop software. Java has one convenient aspect, but it also brings a worry to developers. This is that there are few protection methods, and most of them are not easy to use. In this way, the programs developed by themselves are easy to be copied and taken as their own. Generally, Most people use the Java obfuscator to scramble the developed program so that there is no way to decompile and view the source code, but this method is easy to find relevant software on the Internet to rearrange, so this hybrid can only control some people who can't move your software, For some people who master the tools, it is almost transparent. There is also the use of hardware encryption locks, but the hardware encryption locks provided by most companies only provide some DLL connections or simple API calls. As long as they are decompiled, it is easy to remove some API calls. In this way, the hardware encryption locks will not work, but is there a better way now? The shell encryption tool provided by hasp HL encryption lock provided by Aladdin company in Israel has a function called data encryption, which can well prevent the removal of API calls. As you all know, the protection principle of hardware encryption lock is to closely combine your encrypted software with the hardware of encryption lock, Moreover, it is not easy to get rid of the original call, so as to ensure that your software is not pirated. At the same time, this method is also easy to be mastered by programmers. It takes only a few minutes to protect a software, Here is a brief introduction to his principle: use the shell tool provided by Aladdin company to call your Java interpreter for encryption, that is, if you want to use this interpreter, you need to have a specific encryption lock, Then we use the content encryption in the shell encryption tool provided by it to process your written Java program as a file and encrypt it. This encryption adopts the aes128 bit algorithm, so that the encrypted data file - your software can only be interpreted by your protected Java interpreter, However, if there is no encryption lock, you can't run your software, so as to truly protect your software.

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