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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

How does the computer connect to the network?

How does the computer connect to the network?

To connect the desktop computer to the network, you need to select the broadband PPPoE connection method. After filling in the broadband account and password, you can click Connect to connect the broadband. The desktop computer creates a network connection according to the following operations: 1. Click the computer start button, and then click the control panel button. 2. The control panel window pops up, and click the network and sharing center. 3. The network and sharing center interface pops up, and click set new connection or network on the right, as shown in the figure below. 4. The set connection or network window pops up, Click the first item [connect to the Internet] 5. Click [next] to open the [connect to the Internet] window. If you have connected to a network, select the second item [still set a new connection] button. Click 6. Select the [broadband PPPoE] connection method. 7. The interface for setting broadband account password pops up. After filling in the broadband account and password, you can click the [connect] button, Connect broadband. Handle 5g fast one-step, the traffic is half cheaper than 4G, and the broadband speed is increased by 500m. Log in to the online business hall of Guangxi Telecom and handle broadband, number card and traffic package with one click, which is convenient and fast.

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