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Sunday, August 1, 2021

How does the USB flash disk become a dongle

How does the USB flash disk become a dongle

1. Plug in your own USB flash disk or other mobile storage device

2. Create a file of any type in the USB flash drive, and the file name is also arbitrary. Here, for the convenience of later explanation, a blank text file is named "encryption" and the file extension is ". TXT. The file is placed in the root directory of the USB flash drive. The drive letter of the USB flash drive is j:

3. Create a new text file anywhere on the computer, and enter the following contents in this text file if not exist J: encryption. TXT shutdown - S - t 10 - C; Unable to use the computer. This sentence means that if the encrypted. TXT file does not exist in the USB flash disk, turn off the computer after 10 seconds and display the prompt that the computer cannot be used. 10 in the statement can be modified to other statements, such as 100 prompt "unable to use the computer" can also be changed to other statements. As long as you don't change the format of the whole statement. After input, save the text file as the following name, and any file extension is ". Bat". In the save dialog box, select the save type as all files, so manually enter the extension ". Bat" after the file name. It is called 26.bat here.

4. Click "run" in the windows start menu, and its position is on the right of "all programs". Open the start menu to see it. Enter gpedit.msc in the "open" box and click the OK button to open the group policy dialog box. 5. Click and locate the following path: local computer policy → computer configuration → Windows settings → script startup / shutdown, then select the startup item in the box on the right, add the batch file just created to the startup script list, and confirm and exit.

The dongle cannot be changed into a USB flash disk. Although it looks like a USB flash disk and has a USB interface, it cannot be mass produced into other forms like a USB flash disk. Even if it can, it doesn't make sense. The dongle is specially designed. There may be no storage space or the storage space is very small, which is only enough to store the data in it. It's possible to change the USB flash drive into a dongle

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