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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Network connection mode

Network connection mode

There are three main types:

1、 Optical fiber directly enters the home, which is the most advanced method. It has fast speed and less disconnection. The cost may be higher.

2、 LAN is that the optical fiber goes to a community or a building, and then the operator goes through photoelectric conversion and uses LAN line (a six core line) to each user to form a small LAN in the community or a building. This method is also more stable and fast. Both have fixed IP addresses.

3、 ADSL, which is a method for Netcom or telecom companies to access the Internet to users by using the telephone line of existing fixed phones, is characterized by using virtual dialing (PPPoE). When users have Internet access requirements, the office end assigns users a dynamic IP address. The network speed can basically reach the speed of LAN. The network speed is fast, and there is no need to pay off to the home separately. It is slightly less stable than optical fiber and LAN. The cost is cheap.

4、 Dial up internet access, slow speed, poor stability, now basically not used.

Either way, you need to go through formalities with the operator. Netcom or Telecom

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