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Friday, August 13, 2021

Prompt no network connection

 Prompt no network connection

Check that there is a yellow exclamation mark in the lower right corner of the network card. If so, it means that your network card is not normally connected to the computer.

In the first case, check whether your network cable and network cable connector are normal. In the second case, check whether your switch and your computer are connected properly. In the third case, check whether the PCI slot of the computer motherboard is normal. Finally, check whether the network card is abnormal and whether the network card driver is abnormal.

There are the following possibilities

1. The wireless router does not automatically dial the cat or is not connected. You are only connected to the nearest router

Solution: enter or in the address bar of the browser to open the routing management, check whether the WAN end is not connected, and reset the router dial-up.

2. No DNS address is set for wireless routing and no DNS address is set for this machine

3. The probability of network cable problems is very small

Solution to unavailable wireless network connection:


First, consider the hardware switch of the wireless network. Some notebooks have this switch. If you turn it off, no matter how you toss the computer, you can't turn on the wireless network.

The following figure shows the wireless network switch of Lenovo y470:


Ninety percent of the notebooks contacted by the author are due to the following reasons:

Almost all notebooks are provided with FN key to control the wireless network switch. This function is similar to the hardware wireless network switch mentioned in the first step. If it is turned off, the problem shown in the title will also occur.

Some notebooks use this shortcut key to turn off the wireless network by default. For example, ASUS does not know that it has been turned off, so it can't turn on the wireless network anyway. This is the problem of most people.

For example, Lenovo y470 can turn on and off the wireless network by using FN + F5

If you want to use the shortcut key of notebook, there are many important preparations. If you don't make these preparations, the closed wireless network can't be turned on anyway. Please see the next step for specific preparations.

The step y470 shortcut keys are shown in the following two figures:


In the previous step, if you want to use the shortcut key "FN + wireless network icon", first, you need to install some drivers and application software that come with your laptop. Because, unlike other keys on the keyboard, FN needs a special driver to work. Different brands of notebooks use different software.

The author here provides the software required by the following two brands. Please go to the official website to download:

Lenovo: network card driver, wireless network card driver, power management software (energy management)

ASUS: network card driver, Qualcomm Atheros wireless network card driver and application program, ATK hotkey tool program


All the switches to be turned on and the software to be installed are pressed, but if it still doesn't work, it depends on the system service,

Control panel - system and security - management tools - services,

Please make sure that the following five service statuses are all "started":

Network Connections、

Network List Service、

Network Location Awareness、

Network Store Interface Service、

WLAN autoconfig (especially this service)

As shown below:


If the wireless network is still unavailable, select "open network and sharing center" -- "change adapter settings" -- "wireless network connection" -- right click "enable"

At this point, the wireless network should be able to be used normally. If not, it should be sent to the store to test whether the wireless network hardware is normal.


Several important problems after successfully connecting to the wireless network:

Q: the wireless network has been successfully connected. Why can't you open the web page?

A: Please select "open network and sharing center" -- "change adapter settings" -- "wireless network connection" -- right click "properties" -- "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4). Double click to open it and select all to get it automatically"

Q: what is the difference between a network card driver and a wireless network card driver?

A: the network card driver is the driver of the interface you connect to the network cable, and the wireless network card is the driver of the wireless card built in the notebook.

Q: are there any quick solutions to general network problems?

A: right click the network icon and select "troubleshooting". The system will automatically solve some basic network problems; Or CMD open the command prompt box and enter: SFC / scan now. The basic problems in the whole system will be automatically scanned and repaired.


1. Check whether the wireless network card driver is installed correctly

First, check whether the driver of the wireless network card is installed correctly. You can right-click "my computer" - properties - hardware - Device Manager to check whether there are network devices marked with question marks or exclamation marks. If so, it indicates that the wireless network card driver is not installed correctly. You can use the "hardware detection" function of Jinshan guard to detect the wireless network card model, and then use the computer with network to download the corresponding driver and copy it to the problem computer for installation.

Open Jinshan guard, click the "reinstall system" button on the main interface, open the "hardware detection" function below, click "network card", you can see the information of local network card and wireless network card, write down the model of wireless network card, search the driver on the computer with network for downloading, and then install on the local computer.

If the driver is installed correctly, the problem that the notebook wireless network is not connected is generally caused by the incorrect Internet access setting of the wireless network.

2. Turn on the notebook wireless network service

If the prompt "Windows cannot configure this connection" appears when you click to refresh the network list, open the "system optimization" function of Jinshan guard, click the "startup acceleration" tab, click "service item", select "display disabled items" in the lower left corner, and then find "wireless zero configuration service" in the list, Click "open" on the right. Then, in start run, enter net start wzcsvc and press enter. The symptoms of notebook wireless network connection failure can be solved.

3. Check whether the wireless network hard switch is on

If the wireless network cannot be searched, check whether the wireless network hard switch of the notebook is on. After turning on the hardware switch, some notebooks also need to use the FN key + F5 key in the lower left corner of the keyboard to turn on (the specific models are different, and the wireless graphics can be found in the blue function icon at F1-F12). Some Lenovo notebooks need to turn on the power management software to make the wireless switch on the keyboard work normally, so make sure to install power management, and turn on the power management utility in Jinshan guard's "power on acceleration" - "startup item" (also select "display disabled items" in the lower left corner).

4. Open view available wireless connections

If the switch is turned on but the wireless network is still not found, right-click the wireless network icon in the tray at the lower right corner, click "open network connection", then right-click the wireless network icon in the open window, click "properties", click the "wireless network configuration" tab, check "configure my wireless connection settings with windows" and then "OK", Open view available wireless connections again to see if you can.

5. Check whether the IP address and DNS configuration are correct

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