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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The network cannot be connected!

The network cannot be connected!

There are many possibilities. You can try the following steps. If not, I can't help it.

1、 If you are a static IP, you can skip this step. If you obtain the address through DHCP, first check your IP address and the network segment in which the IP is located. (the method of checking the local address starts -- run -- CMD -- ipconfig / all. At this time, you can see your IP address. Here, assume that the local IP is, the mask is, the gateway is, and the preferred DNS is, Alternate DNS is After you know the IP address, you can choose to use the following IP address through network neighborhood - properties - local connection - properties - internet protocol (TCP / IP): enter any one of (as long as it does not conflict with other IP addresses), for mask, for gateway, for DNS, Fill in for standby DNS, and then click OK. If not, the next step.....

2: Check whether your network cable is plugged in. Pull out both ends of the crystal head of the network cable and plug it tightly again. At this time, if you are a static IP, open the browser to see if you can surf the Internet. If not, please skip this step to see "three"; If you obtain IP through DHCP, you can check your IP first through the method in step 1, or wait a few seconds to see if there is an exclamation mark in the small local connection icon in the lower right corner and show that the local connection is restricted. If not, Congratulations, you can continue surfing the Internet again; If you still can't....

3: At this time, you can cut off the power supply of the router or switch (depending on the network environment, families or small companies with only a few computers are generally routers, and companies with more than 10 computers are generally switches + routers), and plug it in after one or two minutes, At this time, look at the small local connection icon in the lower right corner to see if there is an exclamation mark and show that the local connection is restricted. If not, congratulations. If it still appears, don't lose heart. Please continue to look down.

4: At this time, you should consider whether there is something wrong with your network cable, poor contact of the crystal head, problems in the quality of the line and other factors will lead to packet loss or packet failure in your line transmission. If you have tools, you can use tools to measure the network cable to see whether the line is smooth. If the line is smooth and normal, Then please skip this trick; If it is not unobstructed, you can clamp the crystal heads at both ends with wire stripping pliers, or make the crystal head again, and then insert the wire. The problem should be solved.

5: The IP is correct, the router and switch are powered off and re plugged, and the network cable is also good. Why can't you access the Internet? It's urgent!! Hehe, don't worry. In this case, you can see whether the people around you can surf the Internet, or whether other machines can surf the Internet. If they can, there are two possibilities for why you can't surf the Internet. One is that your computer is poisoned (the possibility is very small), and the other is that your network card is faulty (the possibility is very high). There's no way. Try changing a network card!

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