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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The network is not connected

The network is not connected

1) If it is a broadband problem, first connect the broadband cable directly for test. If it is a broadband problem, contact the broadband customer service for solution.

2) If it's a router problem, if it can be used, it can't be used for the time being. My own practice is to cut off the power supply of the router and plug it in. I'll see later. If yes, restore the factory settings and use the new settings (this is sometimes caused by the slow or failure of the router to find the IP address on the premise of correct physical connection, which does not mean that the router is broken).

If it cannot be solved, it is recommended to call the customer service of the router. They have telephone online guidance. When I encounter problems that I can't solve, it is very useful to consult their suggestions. They will give correct suggestions for your setting or operation.

3) If you turn off the wireless switch, just turn it on. If it is a wireless connection with software, it is normal that the software is not easy to use and often has problems. There is no better way. Use a router. In addition, the network card driver is not or inappropriate. Is there a problem with the network cable interface or network cable.

4) If it is caused by a system problem, it is recommended to restore the system or reinstall it.

Use the system restore method provided with the system:

System restore provided by the system: "start" / "program" / "accessories" / "system tools" / "system restore", click "restore my computer to an earlier time", press next, and you will see a dark date on the date page, that is, the restore point. After you select it, click Next restore (win7810 restore the system, right-click the computer and select properties, Select system protection and system restore on the right. Just follow the steps. If there is restore software, you can also restore the system with software).

5) If you have any questions, please ask me.

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